Friday, February 23, 2018

Audiobook Review: I Like Big Dragons and I Cannot Lie by Lani Lynn Vale

Series:     I Like Big Dragons #1
Pub. Date:Jan. 18, 2018
Publisher:Tantor Audio
Narrators:Mason Lloyd
Kendall Taylor
Length:5 hrs 44 min

You guys all know that I am a sucker for dragon stories, so this book (title and blurb) intrigued me. When I saw that the hero would be the Prince of Dragons, I thought dragon shapeshifters. But this story involves dragon riders... and the dragons are sentient and communicative with the humans. I loved that aspect.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

ARC Review: The First Kiss of Spring by Emily March

Series:     Eternity Springs #14
Pub. Date:Feb. 27, 2018
Publisher:St. Martin's Press
Length:368 pgs

I'm not gonna lie - I was totally sucked in by this cover. I just love the look of the colorful house in a small town Colorado setting... the whole thing is just appealing. I have not read any of Eternity Springs books, and I have not previously read Emily March. So I was trying something new here. And I'm glad I did! I want to move to Eternity Springs now... and I definitely need Celeste working her matchmaking magic to set me up.

Side note - while I didn't feel lost without having read the earlier books in the series, there is a ton of character crossover and maybe some spoilers for previous books. There was probably also some world building having to do with the town as the series has progressed. So you may want to start at the beginning instead of jumping in at Book 14 like me.

Monday, February 19, 2018

ARC Review: True to You by Jennifer Ryan

Series:     Montana Heat #2
Pub. Date:Feb. 27, 2018
Length:384 pgs

True to You is the second book in the Montana Heat series. I have not read the prequel, Protected by Love, or the first book, Escape to You. I don't think its absolutely necessary to read the earlier books to keep from feeling lost, but there is discussion and maybe some light spoilers about the earlier books in this one.

I have been very curious about areas of the Northwest lately - particularly Montana and the Dakotas. I hope to visit now that I'm living on this side of the country. I wish this book had focused more on the setting, but I understand that the main focus was our romance and the hero's undercover assignment. I was just expecting a little more of that cowboy feel based on the cover.