Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Blog on Hiatus! I like to move it move it!

Hiya readers!
Please excuse my absence and slacking on the bloggity lately. There are big things happening in Casa Bambi... involving an impromptu move across the country! Watch out Arizona - here we come! I cannot tell you how excited I am to be moving to the land of Kristen Ashley and Diana Gabaldon. I am gonna fan girl all over the freaking place! So for the next couple months, I am not going to be posting much. I'm trying to pack up the house for me and the pups, and I have to head back out west to find a house. The move itself will be taking place mid-October, so my time in New Orleans is winding down. Things are super duper crazy and hectic. I am not getting much reading time for print books - but I am rocking the audiobooks. I am currently enjoying a Rock Chick audio marathon, and should be posting a series review soon.  

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

ARC Review and Author's Top 5: Duke of Desire by Elizabeth Hoyt

Series:     Maiden Lane #12
Pub. Date:Oct 17, 2017
Publisher:Grand Central
Length:364 pages

Duke of Desire is the conclusion to the Maiden Lane series, and man did Elizabeth Hoyt take us out with a bang. I was supposed to be packing today for my big move, but this book kept me totally distracted and camped out my couch turning page after page.

Lady Iris Jordan was the friend of Hugh Fitzroy, Duke of Kyle, from Duke of Pleasure. Thought to be Kyle's new wife, Iris was kidnapped by the Lords of Chaos, a group of sadistic and pedophilic men operating in the dark of London society.  Iris is a widow and, after her unhappy first marriage, she was hoping to marry again for love and children. Finding herself married to the beastly Duke of Dyemore was not in the cards, but Iris found herself compelled by his dark vulnerability. I really liked this heroine. She was mature and did not despair of her circumstances. She looked past Dyemore's scarred visage and saw the wounded boy underneath, and the good man that he was trying to be. I liked that she was brave in her uncertainty and didn't allow the Duke to push her away or intimidate her.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Series:     Nine Kingdoms #2
Pub. Date:Sept. 12, 2017
Publisher:Tantor Audio
Narrator:Laura Jennings
Length:13 hrs 6 min

I was somewhat confused for most of this book, because I simply couldn't remember what happened in Star of the Morning, and it drove me crazy. I wish I had the time to go back and listen to the first book before I started this one. I remembered the gist, that Morgan of Melksham and Miach of Neroche met up as they journeyed across the Nine Kingdoms and started to fall in love. Only Miach had told Morgan that he was a simple farmer's son, and not the Archmage of the realm. When Morgan learned the truth, she broke a sword and ran off half-cocked and got herself poisoned by Ludar, the big bad.  So while I had all the overall storyline in mind, I really wish that I remembered the smaller details.  

Now Morgan is recovering from her poisoning and near-death with her old friend and mentor, Sir Nicholas. But Morgan is being plagued by dreams which she attributes to magic so she journeys to the one place where magic cannot touch her, her swordmaster Weegar's stronghold. Morgan is maintaining her aversion to mages and magic, and refusing to believe/heed what her own abilities and dreams are telling her. She thinks the worst of Miach and of the rest of the realm, and is withdrawing into herself.